Travel: Case Studies

Case study: Seaside Donkey, by Hannah Engelkamp

The book: The funny and refreshingly unsentimental chronicle of a 1000-mile tramp around Wales in the company of an eccentric donkey.

How I helped: By showing Hannah how radical edits to some passages would add pace and shape to the story of her journey and reduce the book to a more manageable length.

Hannah says: 'Brilliant, a total pro. Sweetly flattering, masterfully gentle with my tottery ego, but tenacious in running down all of the overworked paragraphs, every self-conscious bit of puff, all of the glib bits that need more explaining and the bloated bits that need less.'


Case study: Even More Ketchup than Salsa, by Joe Cawley

The book: The humorous memoirs of a Lancashire lad who moves to Tenerife, runs a bar, endures a catalogue of disasters and becomes a travel writer.

How I helped: By finding themes, structures and storytelling techniques to help Joe craft his several years’ worth of adventures and insights into well-defined storylines.

Joe says: 'Lucy developed my drafts from a wildfire of spontaneous convolution into a structured story that consequently blossomed into a bestseller. She is my first go-to when it comes to editing and polishing my prose.'


Case study: Iceland Defrosted, by Edward Hancox

The book: The story of one Englishman’s devotion to all things Icelandic, from its music to its food, by way of tongue-twisting volcanoes, limpid hot pools and freezing winter barbecues.

How I helped: By reviewing the way the book was structured and suggesting new chapter titles, which helped Edward organise his material for maximum readability.

Edward says: 'Lucy is thoughtful and sensitive when providing feedback and advice. She is an extremely thorough, professional and highly experienced editor. I was so grateful for her assistance with my first book. I’ll definitely be asking her to work with me on my second; I couldn’t do it without her.'


Case study: The Only Way is West, by Bradley Chermside

The book: The frank and funny ups and downs of hiking Spain’s famously arduous 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail.

How I helped: By encouraging Bradley to choose opening and closing chapters that would frame his story, and by making sure that the standout episodes of his Big Adventure got the space and focus they deserved.

Bradley says: 'For me as a first-time indie-author, Lucy’s editorial assistance was invaluable. She found a needle in my haystack of words that turned my travelogue into a coherent true story. The proof is in the pudding of the reviews, which continue to be overwhelmingly positive. I’d highly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for an editor.'


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Lucy’s guidance and prompting brought my travelogue to life, picking up on things I hadn’t considered and bringing a pace to the narrative that made the manuscript far more readable. She was thorough and professional and gave me the confidence to take my book to the next stage.

Derek Quick, author of Last Train in the Book: Across Canada by Rail (travelogue)