Do I really need an editor if I’m self-publishing?

Yes! Completing a book is an extraordinary achievement. You’ve devoted a huge amount of time and effort to getting this far. It would be a shame to launch your book without polishing it first. Even Hilary Mantel, JK Rowling and Bill Bryson have editors — several of them, in fact, brought in to critique and … Continued

What sort of edit should I choose?

Broadly speaking, every commercially published book will have gone through at least three editorial stages, and most self-published books will benefit from following a similar process: a Stage 1 structural (developmental) edit to address the big-picture issues a Stage 2 line- and copy-edit to focus on the nuts and bolts of the language, line by … Continued

What’s the difference between an edit and a proofread?

A proofread is designed to be the final onceover before you press the ‘Publish now!’ button. It’s where the fine details of the formatting or typesetting are checked — the term literally means ‘the reading of the proofs’, where ‘a proof’ is a page that has been typeset ready to be sent to the printer. … Continued

How much does an edit cost?

The fee depends on the length of your manuscript (number of words), how much work it requires, and your budget. When you contact me for a quote, I will ask you to send me two sample extracts from your manuscript so that I can draw up a proposal. Most edits cost between £15 and £25 … Continued

Will it be worth the money?

Editing is a painstaking and time-consuming business. All edits require at least two thorough readings of the manuscript, plenty of thinking about the manuscript, and time devoted to annotating or editing the script and compiling a full set of editorial notes. This means it may be more expensive than you were expecting. As you can … Continued

How long will it take to edit my book?

A full Stage 1 structural edit or Stage 2 copy-edit usually takes four to six weeks; an Introductory Edit will generally take one to two weeks. I can get booked up several months in advance, so please plan ahead if you can.

Will you mess up my book?

I will listen very carefully to what it is you are hoping to say with your book. It’s your book, not mine. My comments and edits are always suggestions, not commands. It’s up to you whether you accept or reject those suggestions. My job is to help you realise your vision for your book.