A Stage 1 structural edit on your novel

The Big-Picture Edit

The Big-Picture Edit

A Stage 1 structural edit on your novel

The Big-Picture Edit gives you constructive feedback on the fundamentals of your novel, including its storyline, pace and timeline.

In a nutshell: A re-energiser that should leave you fizzing with ideas and itching to continue refining your book.

Also known as: A developmental or substantive edit; an enhanced manuscript critique; an in-depth consultation with the book-doctor.

Best for: A completed manuscript that hasn’t yet been professionally edited; a finished draft that has hit the doldrums; a manuscript that’s had negative feedback from a beta-reader or agent.

Questions I consider during a Stage 1 structural edit:

  • Is the story convincing, engaging and enjoyable to read?
  • Does the first chapter draw in the reader as it should? Does the ending do what it needs to? Does the midsection keep the reader interested?
  • Does the plot hang together? Are there any plot holes? Are there passages that pall or sections that need developing?
  • Are the characters well rounded, credible and sufficiently distinctive?
  • Is point of view used consistently and appropriately for the story or is there unintended and distracting head-hopping?
  • Does the balance of dialogue and description feel right for the story and the genre?
  • Is there sufficient suspense, humour or emotional engagement?
  • Are the settings plausible; is the world-building detailed enough?
  • Has your vision for your book been realised? Does the novel do what you’ve told me you hoped it would? Will readers come away understanding and appreciating what you wanted to say?

What you’ll get:

  • Forensic analysis of the big-picture elements of your novel, including its structure, pace, plot, themes, message, characterisation, point of view, world-building, plausibility and tone.
  • Extensive editorial notes and in-manuscript annotations detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your novel.
  • Constructive advice about how you could address any problem areas.

Price: Between £15 and £25 per 1000 words, subject to manuscript sample and total word count.

Request a quote: Please contact me to tell me about your novel and request a quote.

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Anyone who has completed a novel knows the loneliness of the long-form writer. Having Lucy waiting for me at the end of that process was and continues to be a dream. When her notes arrive in my inbox, the thrill is right up there with a child on Christmas morning. They are always thorough, thoughtful and spot on… and she gets my jokes. Rewriting with her notes by my side is an absolute luxury. Quite simply, I love Lucy.

Christina Robert, indie author (commercial women’s fiction)