A Stage 1 structural edit on your travel manuscript

The Big-Picture Edit

The Big-Picture Edit

A Stage 1 structural edit on your travel manuscript

The Big-Picture Edit gives you constructive feedback on the fundamentals of your travel book, especially its structure and pace, and the effectiveness of your storytelling and descriptions.

In a nutshell: A re-energiser that should leave you fizzing with ideas and itching to continue refining your book.

Also known as: A developmental or substantive edit; an enhanced manuscript critique; an in-depth consultation with the book-doctor.

Best for: A completed manuscript that hasn’t yet been professionally edited; a finished draft that has hit the doldrums; a manuscript that’s had negative feedback from a beta-reader or agent.

Questions I consider during a Stage 1 structural edit:

  • What tools can we use to make this travel story read less like a journal and more like a book for the general public?
  • Does the structure work well? Would it be more interesting to organise your material by themes rather than as a chronological account of a journey?
  • Does the book start in the right place? Does the ending provide a satisfactory conclusion?
  • Does each chapter hold the reader’s interest? Is there the right amount of detail, are there information gaps to fill or banalities that could be pruned?
  • Are your descriptions of places and people vivid and specific enough for the reader to properly picture and enjoy them?
  • Is there the right amount of geographical, cultural and historical background and has this been woven in smoothly and organically?
  • Does the book need a map?
  • Has your vision for your book been realised? Does it achieve what you’ve told me you hoped it would? Will readers come away understanding and appreciating what you wanted to say?

What you’ll get: 

  • Forensic analysis of the big-picture elements of your travel book, including its structure and pace, the integration of background information, and the balance of action and description. 
  • Extensive editorial notes and in-manuscript annotations detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your book. 
  • Constructive advice on ways you could address any problem areas.

Price: Between £15 and £25 per 1000 words, subject to manuscript sample and total word count.

Request a quote: Please contact me to tell me about your travel book and request a quote.

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Lucy is brilliant, a total pro. Sweetly flattering, masterfully gentle with my tottery ego, but tenacious in running down all of the overworked paragraphs, every self-conscious bit of puff, all of the glib bits that need more explaining and the bloated bits that need less. And best of all, her suggestions are solid and the manuscript she has returned to me is like a map to follow.

Hannah Engelkamp, author of Seaside Donkey (travelogue)